You have to do this


on the network of friends want to earn money as soon as possible, we all understand this, but money is so strange, the more you want her farther away from you. So how do to make stable and relatively high income?
the answer is the right way, grasp the correct direction. At the same time to work hard the implementation of.

I on the network through 2 years of exploration, that is they must have a good base for the development of.


2, or do you have your own forum. You don’t stop in the development and maintenance of the forum at the same time, also can earn money.

3 Or you have your own blog, you can’t stop the optimal maintenance ceaselessly, increasing content, flow increasing. So this blog is your money base.

4, or what you are not. But there is still the way. What do you do? Are you to some of you think development of dynamic forum to Forum Forum moderators. When in development at the same time, because of your special status. As long as you pay some effort. Your success is quite fast. This has a good development in various forums have been confirmed. A lot of bamboo development speed is amazing.

how to distinguish a forum is not dynamic, there is potential for development? The first effort to see this forum webmaster. And with the degree of cooperation between the owner owners. Second look at this station content how, how popular, and so on…

there is a map of the king of the transaction forum address is: this forum is also very good, mainly to give you a welfare station. Hope that we can pay more attention to. Study more and more pay, and then want to return, then you can not earn money. "