Yiwu buy online transactions this year is expected to break 600 million yuan

since the October 2012 Yiwu purchase officially launched after the operation, the task was given the completion of the Yiwu small commodity transaction transfer from line to line, the market performance of Yiwu purchase, has become an important indicator of the process of the transformation of the electricity supplier in Yiwu. So, in the past two years, the performance of Yiwu how to buy it and the next step will bring Yiwu electricity supplier market what message?


recently, reporters learned from the Yiwu purchase, as of August this year, the total number of online purchase goods in Yiwu site 2 million 100 thousand, the average daily page views (PV) 2 million times, average daily users 100 thousand people, the total online transaction volume reached 400 million yuan (2013 Yiwu purchase transactions amounted to 60 million yuan), is expected to by the end of the transaction volume will exceed 600 million yuan. The available data is compared to the inception of the record, an increase of nearly 10 times.

Yiwu purchase insiders told reporters that the Yiwu purchase blowout growth performance but also to promote the Yiwu purchase platform gradually to the broader market, is the most direct reflection of the purchase of Yiwu focus on the implementation of the "plan" transition to 2 times, namely O2O model (O2O is the line of the consumers to the reality of the store in the online payment for goods and services under the line, and then go on to enjoy the service line). Compared to the previous 1 times, the United States and the United States plans to operate in the era of more operational and more permeable, more malleable 2.

plan 1 times

domestic and foreign trade procurement market: Online docking!

in early 2014, Yiwu started the global purchase plan, including overseas market cooperation and the national professional market docking two models.

"for example to wholesalers in the United States, the user after landing in Yiwu shopping site, click on the station under the NewYork (United States) options, will pop up English version of the interface, the above products are all from Yiwu City, of course, different countries in the interface layout and product tendency will vary." The purchase of Yiwu general manager Wang Jianjun said, in order to facilitate the purchase of overseas shopping, Yiwu has established two websites 14 overseas local language version of the website, and ensure that the information of the goods and shops in Yiwu to buy synchronization and provide technical support and cooperation of overseas local institutions after the order process is responsible for signing with Yiwu purchase.

statistics show that as of August 2014, Yiwu has signed a cooperation agreement with the purchase of a purchasing agent for the 16 regions, including Australia, Japan, the United States, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Yiwu purchase abroad has been on-line test run overseas online transactions have been over 20 million yuan.

to the local business operators in Yiwu, the need to do is to upload high-quality product pictures, detailed description of the product and the realization of the English and online docking partners." Early in total >