Tea sister appeared Jingdong annual meeting said Liu Qiangdong B2C electricity supplier boss when


technology news February 10th afternoon, the Jingdong group held today in Beijing in 2017 to open the conference, from across the country more than 2000 employees of the Jingdong to participate in the general assembly. Liu Qiangdong milk tea sister appeared and delivered a speech at the annual meeting, said Jingdong in 2021, beyond Ali, becoming China’s largest B2C platform.


, according to Liu Qiangdong, said this year, Jingdong annual meeting is different from previous years, because this year will be the first time to convey the entire group of second Jingdong strategy for the past 12 years. He said: over the past 12 years, Jingdong group GMV CAGR of up to 150%, and in 2016 to become the world’s top five hundred companies. For the next twelve years, Liu Qiangdong focused on the financial business, he said the total amount of Jingdong in 2016 exceeded $1 trillion. In addition, the business of Jingdong IOUs, Jing Bao Bei, Jingdong to raise public way ahead in the industry. He also jokingly said: the rapid growth of financial Jingdong, but not a nude IOUs business.

talked about the growth in the past, Liu Qiangdong is still repeated emphasis on cost efficiency and user experience, that this is the root cause of Jingdong can exceed peers. In the future, Jingdong finance will enter the securities, credit, including the banking sector. Jingdong will one day apply for their own bank, or holding a bank, so as to provide users with full financial services.