The electricity supplier leveraging traditional industry to save the future


Li Na Wu Feng


is still looking for agents / suppliers and worry about it? × × new Huaqiang North; mode of network free wholesale network: Huaqiang North store + Taobao shop can easily do wholesale." In some QQ group or WeChat group, do mobile phone related business people Huaqiang North often receive such advertising, one click upload suppliers to the shop, easily do consignment. In high-rise buildings, and are often able to see the billboard business support providers.

look, this "long tail" in the Internet across all traditional industries at the same time, also swept to the Huaqiang north.

electricity supplier leveraging traditional industry

fact, Huaqiang North to electric shouted the slogan has been for many years.

in a number of government officials, if still rely on Huaqiang North counter transactions, so the limited space resources, including road traffic will not bear market share will be more and more small, the market will eventually shrink. Thus, a number of initiatives to the transformation of the electricity supplier website has become the focus of local government support projects.

has a "Godfather Huaqiang North," said Wang Laobao is Shenzhen Intel Ling technology executive director, Chaozhou chamber of Commerce, and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress, as early as a few years ago, he proposed to online reform will recommend Huaqiang North Huaqiang North, businesses are combined with the electronic commerce this road to go." If you do not go, the impact will be greater, the world is doing electricity supplier, if you do not participate will be eliminated."

2010, the Shenzhen government of Futian District launched the "strategic e-commerce demonstration zone", Wang Laobao won the support of the government by virtue of its powerful strength in Huaqiang North, homeopathy was established in Shenzhen City Huaqiang North online commerce Co. Ltd., the initial investment plans a total size of 100 million yuan. The electronic commerce platform of the company’s "Huaqiang North line" (now renamed "Huaqiang North mall") on April 2011 on the line, is Huaqiang North digital products industry in the early try hydropower company enterprise.

according to industry rumors, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng because of personal relationship with Wang Laobao is still good, and optimistic about the vertical field of electronic business, private investment 50 million yuan to Huaqiang North online.

"the government is very supportive of our electricity supplier, also some signs advertising Huaqiang North Street is provided free of charge to us." As online Huaqiang North trader, CEO Shen Haomiao told reporters that the current Taobao 3C digital products, 70% products are directly or indirectly from Huaqiang North Huaqiang North business, but there are many sources and supply chain advantages, but lack of practical experience in business, you need a platform.

"Huaqiang North nearly 10 ten thousand suppliers, small manufacturers is the lack of a good sales outlet." Shen Haomiao believes that, in addition to some big brands, most of the products are not known to the user, and these products may have