Giant into chaos takeaway O2O entrepreneurs new fruit

Sept. 9, billion state power network to get the message, takeaway O2O enterprise life radius has recently officially launched fruit delivery service.

according to the person in charge of the radius of the life of the market, the radius of life from last month began to try fruit O2O services. In the service coverage of the business district, the user orders online, the radius of life will be completed within 45 minutes. Currently, the service covers 9 districts of Beijing.


billion state power network has learned, and many communities in the domestic O2O projects through the supply chain system integration of community shops around different radius of life is taken self mode, all fruit supply by their own procurement, logistics and distribution are also in charge of its own team (currently living in Beijing radius distribution team about 600~700 people).

in fact, before the fruit distribution, the radius of life convenience store delivery business, the specific model is also their own procurement, distribution. According to the data provided by the radius of life, which has 40 shopping district in Beijing, warehousing system is mainly by the neighborhood near the district (such as an empty room rented in the community building) to undertake. According to the data provided by the radius of life, the current convenience store daily orders can reach about 1500~2000.

therefore, based on the existing convenience store O2O, the radius of life to expand the fruits of home delivery business is undoubtedly much easier, in the original storage on the basis of the refrigeration system can increase the freshness of the fruit.

it is reported that the radius of life was founded in 2010, local life service O2O enterprises, the main business is online takeaway, the current daily orders in about 20 thousand. As for why to expand convenience stores and fruit distribution business, the radius of life relevant responsible person said, mainly due to increased competition this year takeaway O2O field, especially Baidu, American and other Internet giants competing to enter this field, it is to let business enterprises feel the pressure. Therefore, the radius of life trying to expand the field of business, competitive differentiation.