Exposure to the Amazon direct mail hand SF nearly 100 yuan per freight

did not intend to go it alone, and in addition to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Shanghai information investment cooperation, Amazon also actively pull the domestic express logistics enterprises join together to enjoy the domestic cross-border electricity market.

said the latest news, SF, EMS is likely to become one of the important partners in the market Chinese Amazon direct mail.

pointed out above, the SF layout in terms of free trade bonded imports. At present, SF is for cross-border electricity supplier launched import customs clearance, warehousing, inventory management in the region, paying tariffs, domestic transportation, delivery and a series of one-stop agency services. Billion state power network from the SF Department learned that the project is expected in the fourth quarter of this year on the line, the deployment and the development of multi node Amazon FTA overlap, has also been regarded as a "signal to the possibility of the Amazon SF".

on the other hand, SF since the beginning of this year has been in the field of cross-border electricity supplier and on-line test, scouring the sea transport website sea purchase Feng Yun in April". Although the sea purchase Feng Yun in price compared to other transport companies is higher, but the industry is to determine the SF on the transport line to control the whole process, the more the quality of service.

It is reported that

, Amazon direct mail business opened, Chinese consumers can directly after the completion of the purchase, goods will direct mail to Chinese, logistics time can be controlled within 7 to 10 days. The move is also seen as cross-border B2C on purchasing, transportation of a comprehensive declaration of war.

, according to media reports, if successful in SF Amason direct mail, freight cost per 100 yuan in the next. However, Amazon and the two sides have not yet to be position sf.

in fact, cross-border electricity supplier in 2014 showed a strong outbreak momentum. Data show that in 2013 China’s cross-border e-commerce transactions exceeded 3 trillion and 100 billion yuan in 2016 will increase to $6 trillion and 500 billion, an average annual growth rate of nearly 30%.

as the most critical link in the middle, cross-border logistics has become the core business of domestic and foreign electricity suppliers and related industries to chase. According to incomplete statistics, Chinese cross-border export business 70% of the parcel by mail delivery, the postal Chinese share of about 50%, Hongkong post, Singapore Post and Chinese cross-border electricity supplier sellers commonly used way of logistics. The rest of the market share by international express, logistics, overseas warehousing, domestic courier and a variety of wandering in the gray area of the transfer company to carve up.

with the rapid increase in the size of the industry, the government had to re-examine the standardization of the market management. At the beginning of this year, the government added a new regulatory code specifically for cross-border electricity supplier, launched the customs clearance service platform 9610. Recently, the customs and the continuous introduction of Document No. 56, No. 57 document on cross-border electricity supplier regulatory policy. The strict definition of "goods" and "items" and the way of supervision of distinction, but also to avoid the period covered, greatly avoid the import and export declarations left regulatory loopholes, objectively make the gray purchasing.