Waste site traffic manager make money cheat entrap Taobao


in terms of money, whether black or white, can make money to money is good, but if we add a principle of conscience to make money, then some Adsense really injustice.

garbage flow cheating successful conditions

first: traffic can buy, referred to the flow of cheating, very cheap, 10 thousand IP, then about 30 yuan.

second: Taobao manager in order to increase sales, willing to spend money to buy advertising.

third: Ali mother just shit statistics, traffic statistics, does not distinguish between traffic sources.

fourth: Taobao manager self-protection ability is poor, do not know how to identify a good website.

it’s easy to make

the first step: to recommend a dumpster, collect content, spend money to buy traffic

second step: Ali mother sell ad

The third step: wait for the money

cost accounting

a website to buy 10 thousand IP traffic per day, about $900 per month. Advertising is generally at least 100 yuan per week at a price, an ad revenue of $400 in January. The whole station to sell 8, 3200 yuan monthly income.

excluding the cost of monthly net profit of 2200 yuan.

The advantages of


this way as long as Baidu included on the line, do not consider Baidu must be included, no need to go to the optimization of Guan Jian word, Taobao store in the purchase of advertising, just look at the web site traffic statistics show that Ali mother, they do not consider these, or say they don’t have the sense to think about these things. Rely on the collection of content, but also requires a little maintenance of the people, how to get the site to engage in a mold like.

this cheating phenomenon has always existed now, many people in the crazy earn money, mom can go there and you will see. Www.wf2sc.net chief Ma Longlong original feeds, reproduced please specify