Dunhuang net credit speculation brush praise will strike you eat yellow


] January 20th news billion state power network, billion state power network that cross-border export platform of Dunhuang network recently "needle penalty rules and sales credit speculation" was revised, the new policy will be formally implemented in January 29, 2016, will open the whole network reporting channels.

According to the Dunhuang

network, the revised rules to maintain a healthy and orderly market order platform, the establishment of a fair, honest and transparent business environment, reduce the credit sales and speculation, enhance the buyer experience.  

Relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the Dunhuang

network, credit and sales hype refers to the use of improper means to improve the rate of favorable accounts or merchandise sales, the impact of the buyer’s interests in efficient shopping behavior. The platform was found to constitute the credit sales and speculation of the seller, according to the seriousness of the violations may face penalties as follows: (1) delete the corresponding sales records, sellers and buyers rating evaluation; (2) the yellow card punishment; (3) a single product or store right down; (4) to participate in the T (P (merchants), top quality merchants) rating for 1-3 months.

if the seller refuses to accept the decision made by the Dunhuang network, can be sold within 10 days of the seller’s background and filed a complaint, Dunhuang network will be based on the evidence provided by the seller to re audit. For the seller to complain about the success of the Dunhuang network will restore the state of the product, clear the seller violation records, as well as the relevant penalties, etc..

In addition, the Dunhuang network also opened a whole network to report the channel, the seller can be sent to the user by way of e-mail to report violations of other sellers

. Report personnel need to provide valid proof of identity, store information, the name of the shop is the whistleblower, such as violations described. If the information provided is incomplete, not clear, the platform will be identified as invalid report.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in addition to Dunhuang network, aliexpress also issued a penalty notice for fried fried behavior in the recent sales letter. Aliexpress will publicize the "return ticket speculation letter" business, which is based on the false reputation for selling fried letter promotion, sale of inferior businesses to pursue legal responsibilities.