Taobao from January 1 2011 to start the whole network of consumer protection

Taobao announced that since January 1, 2011 officially launched the whole network of consumer protection, Taobao whole network sellers will promise Taobao consumer protection services based services. Consumers in the Taobao store in case of any discrepancies or description of goods and quality problems, the seller must fulfill the consumer commitment, otherwise Taobao will use the consumer protection fund Xianxingpeifu, and according to the rules of the corresponding punishment to the seller.

analysis of the industry, the whole network of consumer protection will enable Taobao to open a web site with a similar distance in terms of service, increase consumer stickiness, so that Taobao businesses continue to promote steady development, enhance the overall level of service the online shopping industry.

at present, the number of online shopping consumers not only more and more, but also more and more rational, good service sellers are more likely to be favored by consumers, service level and thus become a key factor in determining the development of the seller. And at the time of the initial purchase, whether or not to join consumer protection has become an important factor in consumer service providers to judge the reference. According to the survey, up to 80% of consumers in Taobao shopping, the first choice to join the security of the seller’s shop, and Taobao consumer protection sellers accounted for the proportion of the total transaction volume reached more than 80%.

More and more signs of the

display, shop businesses have recklessly from the primary stage of the price, the service will gradually transition to the stage of success. Due to the higher transparency, online shopping service security level has even exceeded the line. Taobao has previously released data show that Taobao to join the fake one lose three of consumer protection services, the complaint rate was only 0.0012%. This means that Taobao added three fake a compensable service trade, the average per one hundred thousand transactions only 1.2 pen consumer disputes, not only lower than the average level of the whole network of Taobao, is far lower than the ordinary shopping line.

it is understood that, in order to encourage the seller to do a good job, as long as the seller signed online consumer protection service agreement, you can join the consumer protection. At the same time, the entire network of consumer protection also has the ability to provide better service to the seller left a greater space for development. In addition to the seller’s commitment to basic services, you can also choose to join the fake one lose three, lightning delivery and other special services, to provide consumers with better protection.


Taobao consumer service officially launched in March 15, 2007, then launched the 7 days no reason to return, fake a lose three, 30 days of maintenance, lightning delivery and other special services, after gradually upgrade, has covered the entire network shopping process. Last year, Taobao’s consumer year, Taobao set up 100 million yuan to protect the fund to enhance the platform to protect the strength of this year’s entire network of consumer protection, consumer shopping experience will undoubtedly rise to a new level.

consumer protection will promote the further prosperity of the domestic online shopping market. Analysis of the industry, due to the special status of Taobao’s domestic online shopping market, improve the level of consumer protection Taobao, largely determines the overall level and development direction of the online shopping industry. Insiders predict that with the large number of sellers have joined the consumer protection, increase the full range of customer service and other ways to improve the quality of service to Taobao as the representative of the online shopping platform security >