Alipay began to seek a breakthrough in the siege

How could

Alipay faces the beleaguered situation? Just double eleven day of the transaction amount is as high as 35 billion yuan, equivalent to 2013 China’s A market trading volume of 1/3, how can face the siege? Furthermore, looking at the existing online payment tool, whether it is Baidu hundred Fu Tong, a Tencent or property Fu Tong, from the users and the size of the transaction, no one can match, how could the siege of


is not to break the siege, he said? But for the greatest threat to the Internet are often not only around competitors, changes in profit but changes in surrounding environment, user habits pressure and so on, these are likely to be a hot Internet product into a corner. In 2004, Alipay began to appear in the company’s face, and began to expand the external market. Alipay will soon celebrate its ten birthday. Ten years, Alipay external expansion is very successful, the online payment has occupied more than half of the country, and second caifutong from a considerable distance. Can be said to be the Alipay has become the users of water and electricity, indispensable. Alipay’s problem is: the future will be to go? The current mode of market development has reached the limit, limited growth potential. So Alipay needs to break through


, think of where to go?

recently, Alipay moves frequently, a series of new features to try. Including micro lending, the balance of treasure fund management, Tmall double before eleven big marketing activities, but we see from the results, this series of actions was very successful. Micro lending by China’s Internet banking policy vague impact, there is a greater risk of policy. I want to change to Alipay as an investment tool to also face many obstacles, because investment income is more important for investors, small investment, income is more obvious, when the scale becomes larger, in order to get a good income, will be more difficult. And Baidu along the line of the fund platform by regulators warned that this makes the balance of treasure not scared out in a cold sweat. In fund management, but Alipay is reduced to a tool and fund raising the entrance. While Alipay has launched intensive marketing activities, but increasing their dishes, there is no novelty and innovation in the mode. The instant to speculation, such as Alipay Internet giant suction gold, also faced with profit pressure. As a result, Alipay has resorted to the killer: charge.

today’s Alipay and former QQ

Internet has developed for nearly half a century, today we have gradually touched the essence of the internet. Some say it’s open and free. Incorrect。 The Internet is open as bait to attract a large number of users and participants, and then form a closed loop and system. The Internet is also free for bait, and then for most people free, and some of them charge, that is, the long tail effect. Open and free are bait, not the essence. To form a closed loop and tail charges, mutual care, are indispensable.

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