The occupation education nternet plus era of how the development of

vocational education refers to the education of professional knowledge, skills and professional ethics for the educated to obtain some kind of occupation or production. Occupation education is to train talents and workers have a certain level of education and professional knowledge and skills, and general education and adult education is more focused on the occupation education training practical skills and practical ability. Not long ago in the Boao forum for Asia, President Xi Jinping cited "Ming changed over time, and with it, the" implicit education reform priority. Compulsory education needs to change a lot of natural, and promote social progress is the main factor in the development of the economy, to make the modern economy in the production of natural talent, vocational education is extremely important.

May 10th, the first "occupation education week" held a national ceremony in Beijing, the important instructions of premier Keqiang also pointed out: to speed up the development of modern occupation education, is to play our great human resources, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation strategy to the. Vice Premier Liu Yandong further pointed out: the cornerstone of technical skills and build a strong nation, occupation education achievement, the color of life, we should vigorously develop the occupation education, placed in a prominent position, the comprehensive reform of the economic and social development and education priority support, accelerate the construction of the modern occupation education system. This is another important measure to speed up the development of modern vocational education.

"Internet plus" fusion of traditional enterprises need a large number of professional talents

The factors that influence the vocational education of

include social, political, economic, cultural, educational and other aspects. Economic factors are mainly several aspects: GDP growth, the level of economic development, economic development mode, market rational degree, industrial structure, enterprise structure, labor market model, labor unemployment etc.. In the industrial structure, the establishment of modern vocational education system, the expansion of the scale, and the establishment of modern vocational education curriculum, to a large extent thanks to the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution changed the industrial structure from agriculture to industry, which made the development of modern vocational education possible.

is currently in the transformation of the whole industrial upgrading era, in promoting the Internet plus strategy, 4 industrial production workshop is undergoing tremendous changes, data intelligent connection and information technology is the mainstream of future production workshop. At the same time, it also has a higher demand for employees, in general, China’s manufacturing production is the production of wisdom, which is also the main content of the third industrial revolution. For example, robot technology, artificial intelligence and 3D print in the next will become the mainstream of industrial production, although these techniques will make employees more and more, but for practitioners of technical requirements are increasingly high, the working principle of the robot and flow, human-computer interaction and 3D modeling technology practitioners must understand.

in simple terms, the future of labor-intensive enterprises have become less and less, replaced by Seiko operations, the need for a large number of