ntime network of e commerce

authoritative data show that in 2011 China’s online shopping market transaction size of 800 billion, is expected to reach this data will reach 10000. In the National Day golden week, the major network operators have promotion on the occasion, intime network also according to their own steps to carry out activities. Today we take a look at the road of e-commerce intime network.

one, the power behind

June 2012, intime supplier conference, CEO Daniel Chan said: the amount of investment intime network is equal to only a physical store, so in 2012 the investment should be accounted for the total sales of the group of 3%, there is a data can illustrate some of the problems: intime network growth rate was 300%. Behind the rapid development, thanks to the strong support of the group.

intime Department Store Group has 32 chain corporation, in 2009 sales have exceeded 14 billion, there are 200 strategic cooperation brands. Upstream supply chain, intime department store through the integration of more than and 500 famous brands: Dior, Gucci, KAPPA, Nike, etc..

in addition, intime department store and intime network share about 2000000 members of the line and promotion of resources, which makes it in the promotion of a congenital advantage. Under the line of resource sharing so that intime has a large number of sales, and its electricity supplier business carried out high-end, brand promotion, changed the original consumer thinking: the network can not sell genuine.


independent flying wingsAll the goods

intime network take self, self collection, marketing mode, can be unified management of all goods, both the customer service management standardization, and ensure that the brand image and product quality.


is the department store’s electricity supplier website, but also an independent subsidiary of intime network operators. Warehouse self built in Zhejiang has more than 20000 square meters of warehouse, including storage shelves, constant temperature warehouse, high-rise shelves, etc..

from the establishment of the online shopping mall system in April 2010, intime network operating headquarters in Beijing has 451 people, Zhejiang, there are more than and 100 people in the. Among the 180 customer service, the remaining staff for technology, operations, procurement and other personnel. And the most important senior management mainly has two parts: the first part is to dig from the Jingdong, where customers and other elite, partly from traditional enterprises, mixed management personnel to help the team in the future operation of the key, can well adapt to the situation and the enterprise under the line department store.

three, personalized management

1, O2O store

and intime Department of mutual care, while the independent development, intime network began looking for their own personalized business road, belonging to their own O2O model was born. Intime network under the first line of the O2O store I M intime collection store opened in Zhejiang, Hangzhou, and is the first line of the department store electricity supplier experience store >