Not only the national express company closed off to prepare for the double eleven Festival

according to the "Labor News" reported that during the national day, the courier industry will go out of business whether consumers buy goods? Can arrive in time? The reporter learned that most of the courier company said that during the national day will be on the job, to provide efficient quality express service for consumers. In addition, stick to the "Golden Week" at the same time, various courier companies are also at the end of the show "double eleven" are actively preparing for the.

is not only a sorting station closed off

according to the State Post Bureau "measures evaluation and management (Trial)" express enterprise level clearly stipulates that if future declaration Express enterprises the highest standards of "five star", must do year-round, holidays outlets, transportation network and the information network to maintain normal operation. Therefore, often to the National Day holiday, courier companies are full of energy.

"do you have a single delivery? No, go home early." Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in pintalent express sorting in Changning District station, the webmaster is asked to travel courier. "National day before the days of single volume, we can finish the rest." Stationmaster expresses to the reporter. Reporters noted that the day of the basic sorting station express delivery is completed on the shelves have been absolutely empty. And in the adjacent home delivery distribution station, the reporter noted here, express a relatively more, several courier staff are orderly loading. Today is not much, it is less than two hundred." A webmaster surnamed Ye told reporters, as usual before the national day and during the holiday experience, sending pieces of pressure is not great, the number is only about 1/3 to 1/4 times, therefore, leaving 3 to 5 guys can cope, we take turns on duty on the line.

want to go home "for the employees, as long as the premise does not affect the work, also can take the duty of rotation." Yuantong stakeholders told reporters. Shentong stakeholders also said it would give full consideration to the feelings of employees, make time for them to get together with their families.

"we’re all year round." SF express sorting in the new fishing station on the road, a person in charge told reporters that during the national day, they will stick to provide express delivery services to consumers. "No. 1-3 No. 4 after all on duty, we take turns on duty, not because the holiday is going out of business." The official said.

day to prepare for the "double eleven"

relative companies cope with the National Day holiday calm, everyone was preparing for the double eleven ", let people smell a lot of gunpowder".

in a prominent position pintalent express stores, posted a job posting, more generous wages. National Day basically no pressure, this is the preparation for the double eleven. After looking man’s pressure will be greater, so while the previous few strokes." Webmaster told reporters. "The extra work arrangement of the national day to everyone, is the festival to pull a few friends, ready to use the shopping festival." Leaves owners told reporters just in time, "double eleven" during the delivery, mid high, hands more better.

in addition to advance