t cannot become climate to be entrepreneurial team

suddenly think about, China Adsense million, the leader in the only a few. Most of the webmaster is not alone, team composition.

personal webmaster, the most bitter force. A website from the line to the operation is a person.

why not set up a team? No team, even if there is a good project, can not do it.

we are generally faced with the entrepreneurial human capital test, the team may solve these problems.

let’s talk about what I know recently:

was formed in March 9, 2013 by absolutely good, the main business of Baidu optimization, website construction, brand planning, crisis management and integrated marketing, from the beginning only 3 months now team staff of 11 people. I’m looking at them.

90iter a team, as for what I do not know. Members are mostly 90. Many also in school, high school students, junior high school students have. First of all, not to mention their development, but the path is right. Members of the division of labor is also clear.

Role of


Why the

team? Even if one doppelganger also do not finish the work on the Internet is the time to grab the. One needs 1 months time last night, the team a week fix, everyone division of labor to the expected effect.

, for example, you have a good idea, a good project. You one day and night. There are some results, but not long after, you find that the pattern of another network, like you, he did better than you, more than your membership, yes, they have a team. Copy your site model, and more perfect. Tencent has been doing this for years.

this is the power of the team.

build team, sometimes very difficult

Why is

? I actually want to set up a team, a game like I did recently, buried himself for a month, until now not on the line. I would also like to find a few young people together to do a good job, contact a few friends on the Internet, that we together, then also said that very good, do it, every day there will be no audio. At the same time as their ability, not their technology, will do website, for those are not only useful programming, is writing, feel do not contribute.

a lot of times, you think of creativity, not recognized by other people, to the friends that just listen to it, some ideas can not produce practical benefits. Many people are not interested, will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

furthermore, many people have jobs. It is impossible to put down the work on hand to work together with you to create a practical idea. There are still a lot of people who can’t agree with you.