Shuangshier the supermarket emptied daily necessaries

"shuangshier" struck with vigour and vitality. Reporter yesterday visited found that, compared to last year, the convenience store long lines of sight, "this year, twelve supermarket unexpectedly rising popularity, the vast majority of customers are directed to the activities of 50 percent off capped 50 yuan.

convenience store discount amount less

noon, Baoshan River Road, Carrefour store Gonghexinlu have been plugging into a private cars lined up into the garage team endless, every car stores free bus are packed, security and traffic police directing traffic turns into battle, busy team: "here near Carrefour and WAL-MART two hypermarkets, alongside Baoshan Wanda, who has more, but did not expect to jam like this today."

reporter came to the WAL-MART Baoshan Wanda, surging crowds do not let a person be startled at the checkout, each are lined up, customers are holding mobile phone craned waiting, "shopping" finished customer shopping carts with the crowd to move slowly, in the supermarket exit leading staff told reporters: "all day long is the peak, from the morning until now people queuing is no less than. We store discount is the amount of 420 thousand strokes, has been added in the morning of the two, is expected to be almost 1:40 p.m.."

amount, iron cap of 50 yuan discount is not, will be changed to random relief, may be 30 yuan or 50 yuan, the specific activities on the client can view to mobile phone. The reporter saw the client open Alipay, WAL-MART stores the remaining amount is only 9%, "estimates now lined up to catch is very good". Staff slightly helpless: I did not expect there will be so many people, fortunately, we do not have any problems here, the overall smooth."

last year "shuangshier" major convenience stores, bakeries and long lines of sight to remember, this is not the same. Reporters in the morning near his home in Alipay store activity around 85 degrees C store traffic and the usual weekend seems to have not much difference; the family convenience store within the scrolling "shuangshier" 50 percent off promotional recordings, but only a few customers in the purchase. The cashier told reporters today, may not work, there is no similar to the last prepaid transportation card that have the attraction activities, not to busy degree: "our convenience store discount rate is only 10 yuan cap, if I would first go to the big supermarket."

Many supermarkets shelves were empty

reporter in Gongjiang Carrefour store the actual experience of a "shuangshier" concessions, found that many shelves are not much inventory, "disastrous" mainly in health supplies, such as daily necessaries counter, dairy products have a half empty refrigerator, the staff side side side tally explained: "really no, are all sold out."

and the selection of goods on the shelves of the customer are levied, from time to time counting the shopping cart commodity price calculation, some simply.