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black five background: shopping season to attract people to wash

is at the end of the domestic and foreign shopping season, double eleven and twelve is domestic businesses in recent years out of the game, is to attract consumers shopping, but the inside of the issue we are not described. Due to the existence of pricing and exchange rates at home and abroad, resulting in a lot of commodity prices there are many differences, and therefore become increasingly popular sea amoy. We have learned a lot of scouring the sea story through a transport company staff today, how to make our shopping worry and money, read this article you may gain.

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double -, with thanksgiving, black Friday and Christmas abroad. With the advent of the shopping season a lot of B2C web sites have introduced a lot of discount measures, whether it is the sea Amoy novice or veteran to face a lot of sites and products will be blind when. How to choose a large number of transport companies, tax clearance is also a vexing problem. Do you believe that Baidu can search a lot of sea Amoy tutorial articles, I need to process more effort here, we exposed, scouring the sea transport links vital depth through some seemingly problems, see behind the insider.


eight questions let you know the hidden behind the

— about the black Friday shopping season on

with the continuous appreciation of the RMB against the U.S. dollar, making the sea Amoy has a more solid foundation. When people found that the goods purchased abroad even with the cost of shipping and tariffs are cheaper than domestic, sea Amoy army began an explosive growth. Compared with foreign domestic, have a stronger purchasing power, they discount season double eleven for a longer period of time, we’re cheaper.


is a black Friday shopping spree

yearsThe origin of

on black Friday this way, a more common view is that, because this day is Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday of November) the first day after the opening, at the same time, people usually begin Christmas shopping, many shops are full of customers and have large income. The traditional use of different colors of ink to account, red that deficit is the deficit, black means earnings. So this Friday is called black Friday, to look forward to the end of the day, the annual revenue from negative to positive, from black to red.

early confusion: Sea Amoy advantages and risks coexist

to say the most obvious advantage of the sea Amoy, of course, is the price of it (this is not nonsense), in addition to the price there is no domestic imports of some products, only through foreign purchases. Or the introduction of domestic time is very slow, such as Apple’s products, as well as Google Nexus series of domestic market is relatively late. Of course, after the incident Sanlu milk powder has become a very popular sea Amoy