315 let you Amoy happy 2015 online shopping rights Raiders

IT home hearing tomorrow is the 3.15 consumer protection day, the annual CCTV 3.15 party will also meet with us again. This year, 315 of the theme of consumption in the sun, including Taobao, Jingdong and other online shopping, as well as the incarnation of the business circle of a variety of WeChat circle of friends purchasing, micro shop online shopping will become the focus of attention. All kinds of traps and implied 4G tariff packages, illegal malicious applications absorb costs estimation will become the focus of the object of everyone’s crusade.


the early introduction of "penalties" acts against the interests of consumers will be tomorrow formally implemented, clear the way, online shopping seven days no reason to return is to protect the basic rights and interests of consumers, deliberately refusing or delaying return businesses maximum by 500 thousand yuan penalty. After the consumer online shopping can be kept with the merchant’s chat record by way of screenshots, etc., once the situation encountered illegal refusal, you can grasp the evidence rights.

however, as an ordinary consumer online shopping, we have what right? What phenomenon, we can complain to the Department concerned? How can we safeguard their rights, through what channels these rights? Are you clear? @ people.com.cn now for everyone to bring the latest 2015 online shopping rights diagrams, you may wish to go of learning. (pictures are from the official micro-blog)