Protection rights from China domain name

when some users enthusiasm will be registered some Olympic champion ". Chinese" domain name donated, inadvertently found that many athletes participated in Olympic Games ". China" and ".Cn" domain name domain name has been registered in the State General Administration of sports. Whether ordinary users registered, or the State Sports General Administration of cybersquatting, this approach is in the protection of the Olympic champion Internet rights. In the ".Com" era, domestic enterprises have lost the opportunity to protect the interests of the domain name. In the "China" domain name is about to become the top root domain name today, the protection of the rights and interests of the Internet, whether it should be from the "China" start?

whether it is ".Com" domain name, or "China" domain name, as well as ".Cn" domain name, must comply with the "who first apply who first registration" rules. For enterprises, the domain name is the brand, is the corporate image. Whenever we mention Sina, people will naturally think of sina, mentioned Baidu will associate Baidu search. In the eyes of many users, Sina and Sina, Baidu and Baidu have a sign. In order to form the domain name of the Internet image and corporate image formation, many companies have to spend huge sums of money to buy their own corporate image corresponding domain name. In the pure English domain era, enterprises can only choose or homophonic, or short domain name, the maximum reduce the difficulty of memory difficulty and customer communication. Therefore, many Internet users often registered domain names, and then sold at high prices to redeem them.

Google entered the Chinese market, has spent millions to redeem domain, and recently, kuxun also spent the redemption of the domain, because before the domain name is really very difficult to remember, not only difficult to carry kuxun corporate brand, but also not conducive to the spread of brand kuxun. High redemption domain examples has now become a landscape of the Internet, attracted a large number of registered. Cybersquatting trend also makes a lot of enterprises heartache, redemption domain not only need to spend a lot of capital, but also need to waste energy and registered the domain name to bargain. Many enterprises do not have the psychological preparation in the domain name registration, and some related to the corporate image of the domain name registered by others, and finally only huataijiaqian redemption. In the end how to protect the interests of the Internet, has become a topic of concern.

before the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the State Sports General Administration in order to protect the interests of the athletes of the Internet, all the players in advance of the "China" domain name and ".Cn" domain name registration. Advance registration, which is a way to protect the interests of the internet. In fact, the State Sports General Administration of the registration of athletes in advance of the domain name approach, there is a reason. In the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the Olympic champion Tully, the domain name of the malicious registration of other people and high price auction, and even malicious use of the. Have had such an unpleasant experience, the General Administration of sport in the 08 Olympic Games in Beijing will take the initiative to attack.

to participate in the 2008 Olympic athletes’ rights and interests of the Internet has been guaranteed, but there are still many Internet rights can not get >