Lin Yue detonated mobile e commerce three fuse

mobile Internet is the next big gold in the IT industry, which is not a new thing, mobile e-commerce is the highest gold content of gold in this gold mine, it can be said to be known. As Alibaba founder Jack Ma said, ten years after China will not have e-commerce, e-commerce will be fully integrated into the blood of all enterprises, as part of the daily operation of the enterprise". This can be described in the phrase 3G in official business under the background of mobile e-commerce is expected in 2 to 4 years after entering the highway, then the "post industrial era" there will be more integration, more than one of the mobile business model, which will greatly change all the enterprises operation and marketing mode, it will change the old the people’s work and life style.

however, in the 3G business started in 2009, to a three growth in the fast lane into the mobile electronic commerce, the industry needs to have enough to do early accumulation of solid foundation, but also need to have the "explosive" fuse to promote their success. "A new industry from emergence to maturity, at least ten years time, this is the father of management Peter · Drucker point, ten years ago, do e-commerce goers always" people laugh at me too crazy, I smile the world see through "from my comfort, however, in ten years later, the world began to" madness "addicted to online shopping brings convenience, enjoying the e-commerce business opportunities.

mobile e-commerce today, like Internet e-commerce was ten years ago, as the daughter of a humble family is like a Daijia, "SARS" detonated the rise of online shopping and home economy, the global financial crisis has prompted the traditional enterprises towards the low cost network marketing, similarly, mobile e-commerce now want hot also need a reason.

fuse 1: 3G mobile phone popularity

actually, mobile e-commerce is the core content of "business", and "mobile" and "electronic media" just means, can be moved to the mobile Internet to do business, and 3G mobile phone is the core carrier. Traditional Internet connection from the computer to the mobile Internet hot, shows an important trend, namely: business activities are in "real time", "mobility" and "simple" and "private" development, real-time refers to the merchants and customers require instant communication to facilitate transactions, and mobility it is out of the limit of the space, which is simple to pay cash transactions more easily in the search field, and browsing, social, personal banking, personal identification and so on is the application of the private.

achieve the above business model is the biggest premise is the popularity of 3G phones. Only the popularity of 3G mobile phones, in order to maximize the promotion of the development of the entire mobile Internet industry chain cooperation, otherwise nothing to talk about. Today, Japan’s 3G mobile phone penetration rate has reached more than 90%, is expected to be around 2012 to terminate the service of 2G network, which is almost the same as its official business is also the scene of the past ten years, the Japanese 3G and move