Taobao launched a regular release of the exposure list

March 8th afternoon news, Taobao exposure platform ( today on the line, the platform will regularly publish a list of Taobao store punishment and online shopping bad phenomenon. Users can also report shoddy goods and bad businesses through the platform.

According to

reports, Taobao exposure Taiwan punishment list will be updated in real time, the user from the platform to see the 2011 sampling of fake membership list, and repeated sampling of substandard goods list of the members, but also can understand how the basic knowledge of fraud prevention, how rights in the process of online shopping.

exposure is not only the platform announcement, Taobao members also reported by the platform entrance of fake and shoddy products report, include a ban on the sale of goods and fake two types, in addition to speech and ideas in the forum.

with the rapid development of online shopping, this area has become the hardest hit by consumer complaints. CCTV 315 party summary statistics of complaints ranked in the top ten of the industry, online shopping topped the list, followed by express and car. (both)