Economist think tank 70% mainland Chinese women online shopping

41% Asian women in their online shopping will be out of guilt for the family to buy something. Yesterday, by the Economist Intelligence Agency EIU commissioned by independent research done in the rise of the Asian women’s online shopping power, the report reveals the female shopping psychology. The report also said that compared to the store, 70% mainland Chinese women prefer online shopping.

report content, compared to the next line of physical store shopping, 49% of the respondents agreed or very much agree with their favorite online shopping experience. This figure is higher in mainland China, compared to offline shopping, 69% of mainland Chinese women prefer online shopping.

report pointed out that there are inexpensive goods is one of the main driving force of online shopping. 62% of respondents agree that online shopping is the most expensive, the highest in mainland China and South Korea, about $70%.

and in Hongkong, Singapore, Japan and other markets, the proportion of women keen online shopping is low. As in Japan, only 18% of women said they prefer online shopping than physical stores. Analysis of the report that, in part because of these markets are very dense store.

is different from women in Europe and the United States, Asian women will be online shopping as a fun social activities and entertainment: 63% of women choose not to buy also want to surf the Internet; the 59% said, can not afford to look at the internet".

in addition, there are 41% women when their own online shopping too much, it will give the family to buy something for peace". In mainland China, the proportion of women who buy something for her husband, children, parents and other family members is 67%.

it is reported that the report collected from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea, 5500 women online shopping big data.

EIU forecasts, 2015 Asian retail market is expected to average growth of 4.6%, reaching $7 trillion and 600 billion, far more than the European and North American markets, ranked the world’s largest consumer market. Women play an important role in the whole Asian consumer market.

Beijing News reporter Liu Xia