QQ online shopping officially changed the name of Jingdong online shopping part of the commodity lin

QQ online shopping officially changed the name of Jingdong online shopping part of the commodity chain jump Jingdong mall

[TechWeb news] September 2nd news, the original Tencent’s QQ online shopping has officially changed its name to Jingdong online shopping (www.wanggou.com), and Jingdong online shopping home page marked Jingdong’s shopping website.

click Jingdong online shopping home channel and part of the commodity category jump to Jingdong mall, some of the goods will jump to pat network. But there are still some cosmetics and other commodities remain in the original QQ online shopping page. Pat Network relevant responsible person said, in the course of the QQ online shopping Jingdong, welcome businesses settled Jingdong POP platform or pat platform. But what exactly is the future development of online shopping Jingdong, the company did not disclose.

earlier, Jingdong has said that after the integration of QQ online shopping platform will no longer use the platform to encourage businesses move to Jingdong, but the Tencent and Jingdong in the fusion process of business platform, QQ online shopping will not be closed. At the same time, the Jingdong also said that online shopping operators advertising products (express delivery, direct investment, easy to focus, and will be able to perform wonders of space direct) sustainable development. In addition, Jingdong said that in order to better complete the integration of Jingdong and Tencent electricity supplier, will move from the QQ online shopping platform for businesses to give preferential policies on costs and resources.

March 10th, Tencent and Jingdong jointly announced that Tencent shares Jingdong 15%, becoming an important shareholder. After marriage, Jingdong will remain independent. According to the announcement, the two sides will be integrated assets, Tencent paid $214 million in cash, and the QQ online shopping, pat the electricity supplier and the logistics sector into Jingdong. Yi Xun continue to operate independently of the brand, Jingdong will hold a minority stake in fast and easy, while holding its exclusive right to subscribe for the future. (Aruhan)