1 trillion of the positive energy Taobao Tmall or on the next floor

we are very lucky, can this coincides with the era of the Internet, to witness and participate in the Internet and e-commerce has brought to our society a surprise and change." This is Ma Yun yesterday, Alibaba group announced that as of November 30, 2012 at 9:50 PM, Ali’s Taobao and Tmall’s total transaction volume has exceeded 10000 yuan, said a word.

1 trillion of the qualitative influence what, what brings

Ma Yun extends the Empire of Ali

Alibaba, from a single market development, extended to the construction of the entire electricity supplier ecosystem change. Taobao mall has since changed its name to Tmall mall, breaking the shackles of Taobao’s second, become an important battlefield of Alibaba’s B2C platform. Taobao’s retail break billion, the entire Internet is also a revolutionary refresh, sworn e-commerce is about to embark on a mature Road, this business model is the more mature.

we all live in this environment, when we see this news, we can not help but sigh, now Taobao has become more and more standardized, to bring us the gospel of online shopping. Today, the rapid development of life, each of us in the online shopping, choose a secure and cheap e-commerce platform, has become a problem we need to consider each. Of course Taobao caters to our taste. Taobao’s retail break billion, not only to bring us a net purchase of a guarantee, but also to bring benefits to the Alibaba itself is huge.


Alibaba 2005 -2012 online retail transaction volume (Taobao + Tmall) growth (Note: Tmall in the beginning of the independent operation in June 2011)


Alibaba alone will change the overall pattern of e-commerce platform.

we used one trillion to render the online shopping boom

we used to be confined to the line shopping, waste of time and energy consumption. The rise of Taobao, no doubt to solve these problems. But when people didn’t really trust Taobao payment platform, frequently stolen alipay. Now we see that retail sales will undoubtedly give us a reassuring. Here is full of our trust, but also witnessed the gradual strength of Taobao.

as a reader of my view is that the positive energy brought 1 trillion is certainly more than that of the 1 trillion, which not only has our online shopping every personal credit, the Alibaba will also revel in the electronic commerce in our life. Can not be separated from the government’s help, only today’s 1 trillion results. Today, more and more industries have come to realize that e-commerce has come from quantitative to qualitative change of the fork in the road. Electricity supplier companies with its powerful data processing capabilities