The internationalization of Jingdong ten 20 days ago didn’t say me

July 21st news, New York time on July 20th afternoon, following the French Pavilion, Korean Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, Australia Museum launched one after another, the Jingdong global purchase "American Museum" also today officially launched, the goods will cover the wine, IT equipment, toys, clothing, bags, baby, beauty, sports and many other categories. Held in New York, the United States Pavilion launch ceremony, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong delivered a speech, and after the media questions and answers, a number of aspects of the layout of the Jingdong in the international business ideas.


will ask Liu Qiangdong billion state power network is the main ideas and key information on in the media are as follows:

first, Jingdong will invest in overseas brands but not the main idea of global purchase

was asked about the "foreign investment billion state power network company is the main idea" is not the purchase of the Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong stressed that "the main idea of direct investment is not a global purchase. In addition, Liu Qiangdong told billion state power network, at present, the Jingdong will only invest, leading the demonstration effect of the company, and will not rule out the possibility of direct investment to the supplier.

in fact, in the last 29, Liu Qiangdong accepted the media questions in Australia, said to the billion state power network, will invest in cross-border electricity in three months.


and earlier this month, the Australian dairy producers Murray Goulburn officially listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, raised $439 million, among them, the Jingdong mall a strategic investment in Murray Goulburn, shares accounted for 4.55%, becoming the sixth largest shareholder of Quanyin milk.

two, Jingdong global purchase target: Fifth Avenue did not buy Chinese

asked the Jingdong global share of future goals, Liu Qiangdong pointed out that the ultimate goal of global purchase is Chinese no longer go to Fifth Avenue square, Madison of Jingdong to purchase the global panic buying, you can buy all these things but.

in addition, Liu Qiangdong said the Jingdong is trying to achieve the integration of logistics and customer service, the goal is, Jingdong owned and third party sellers, Jingdong global purchase logistics service, customer service, to achieve a unified standard.

"that is to say consumers in the Jingdong platform to buy American goods, if there is a problem and Jingdong can be directly returned, do not face different sellers, the front end is docking Jingdong and consumers, the back-end is docking Jingdong and sellers." Liu Qiangdong said. #FormatImgID_0#

three, for the vertical electricity supplier is not optimistic about

Liu Qiangdong said that for the vertical platform, not optimistic about the long term. He believes that although the advantages of the vertical platform in the short term, but due to the establishment of the user system (especially the new user access) and integrated operating costs and other reasons, the standard vertical electricity supplier is difficult to compete with the integrated electricity supplier.

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