Xinhua bookstore shop Taobao excellence Dangdang status is difficult to shake

recently, the Phoenix Xinhua Bookstore Taobao flagship store officially opened on the first day of sales of 20 thousand yuan, is to let the general manager Hu Xiaojun shouted accident. At present, Anhui Hua Lun bookstore, Sichuan Xinhua winshare online bookstore, Zhejiang Xinhua Bookstore, Beijing Bookuu books audio and video shop, Shandong Xinhua Book franchise, Jiangsu Phoenix Xinhua Bookstore flagship shop 6 Xinhua Bookstore branches opened a flagship store in the mall Taobao, now replaced by veteran issued the "new" to what is the


shop monthly income of 200 thousand yuan

talked about why you would choose to shop in Taobao, Hu Xiaojun bluntly said that Phoenix Xinhua fancy Taobao’s market space. Phoenix Xinhua portal is currently more targeted at buying customers, in order to expand the market, we need to establish a system for retail customers. Such a system requires the basic hardware facilities, including the bandwidth of the Internet, as well as payment, credit, marketing systems must reach a certain degree of maturity. At the same time, also need to ensure the safety of the transaction, the goods quickly and easily to the hands of customers, etc.." Hu Xiaojun said, Xinhua bookstore system is seeking to have a huge flow of people and can combine with their own brand e-commerce transformation." Including Hu Xiaojun, including a lot of Xinhua Taobao store official said, Taobao in line with the requirements of their development of the B2C market.

analysis of the industry, for the traditional Xinhua Bookstore, a strong brand and channel advantages, so that it occupies more than 80% of the traditional book sales market. While Dangdang and excellence under the impact, used to eat the payroll of the Xinhua bookstore had to consider the future direction of development. Firmly occupy the traditional book market wholesale, retail Xinhua Bookstore, in order to develop only for online retail users.

reporter learned from, currently 6 Xinhua Bookstore Taobao stores are generally equipped with varieties of books for about 150 thousand, equivalent to a large book city, every bookstore monthly turnover remained at 200 thousand yuan.

zero cost operation brings 6000 Book users grew by

How much money to open a bookstore in Taobao

? Relevant responsible person told the reporter Sichuan Xinhua Wenxuan, in the Taobao shop cost is almost zero. The responsible person said, Sichuan Xinhua winshare in their portal site has invested in the construction of retail sales for the reader platform and online shopping system, and Taobao in the online bookstore and later as long as portals for docking, the order information can Taobao store direct real-time query from the order system of the portal, and enter the delivery the original portal system, so the maintenance personnel only pay more attention to a window, a person in charge of communication with consumers, and no additional manpower cost.

and all the current Xinhua Bookstore and Taobao cooperation are in the form of franchise stores. Although each successful transaction to a single transaction amount of 2% commission to return to Taobao, but Hu Xiaojun is pleased to say that Taobao shop is still beyond the