How to do fresh fruit electricity supplier The 3 values you must master

now, it is an era of information, social networks are constantly changing people’s way of life and mode of production, but also changing the way the industry’s marketing and service.

as a social tool, WeChat gave commercial reconstruction space full of traditional enterprises, taxi cross-border technology companies, by birth (combined with the Internet business line), misty with WeChat public tweets, fans mad received…… A social marketing play is being staged.

fresh fruit brand should be how to play the social marketing? Three micro cloud as a mobile application provider, through the following case here together with you, to discuss how to play the enterprise brand marketing, social marketing.


is a company called Mida fruit business, do fresh fruit, in the beginning they just focus on the entity, sales increased year by year. But online shopping has become a reality, the fruit has been looking for opportunities to Mida founder fruit Mida extends to the line.

but somebody has been parsed, the "three" squirrel "Ichiban shop" "Romance" household brand, want to share a cup of soup, set up their own

powder, easier said than done?No matter how difficult the anterior

, fruit Mida founder decided to try. They used three micro cloud single product distribution model, on-line early only product "fruit Mida nuts suit" to buy a 298 yuan of products and then become the promotion mode, once created 10 days of sales 500 sets of the explosive mode, this unexpected surprises, let the fruit Mida affirmed their choice marketing mode.

now Mida fruit has all of the company’s products are moved online, continue to use the WeChat distribution system, make fruit powder to help promote its development, a comprehensive mall food, combined with the brand distribution pattern of expansion of the market, according to this trend, the fruit densely to lord it over a district is very easy.

With the increasing of

powder, fruit Mida founder also smell the new media opportunities and eager to live marketing, expect to gain greater market power to live by. The use of three micro micro cloud system, online live to eat fruit, nuts, 1 hours sold more than and 200 package.


three micro cloud microsystem has become the major brand new media marketing "xiangbobo", hope to be able to share a cup of soup. Of course, Mida fruit, with a forward-looking on the development of the industry. He knows the value of the media, the user and the content.

1 media value, through social marketing to enhance brand influence and affinity, the formation of a high loyalty brand community, and thus improve the conversion effect.

2 user value, a large number of user interest labels and behavioral data preferences in mobile social products