The perception and reflection of traditional enterprise O2O transformation

o2o today, the Internet is the real economy and the traditional economy in harmony, a new chapter of conflict and communication development. From the perspective of business management, I would like to talk about some of these years of reflection and reflection.


in my eyes

2010 Americans AlexRampell proposed the concept of O2O: the Internet as a front line trading, other delivery and experience in the physical completion. In the course of practice, the meaning of O2O has been far beyond this simple content, the future of the cloud is the business, that is, the shop may also be on the street in the computer, may also be on the phone. In the end the store should be where I think the shop is in your heart, when you want to find a place to be able to appear at any time, this is the future scenario.

once, I communicate with a number of retail enterprises, tell you to take out your membership system, with Ali’s membership system to get through, Ali’s members can also give you the flow. Our retail boss said immediately, then I don’t take my family to the Alibaba? I want to leave him I do in future, he left me no problem, this mentality forever. Many people think the traditional enterprise is what O2O means? Means that Internet companies put a lot of guests to come to my shop, and many Internet companies imagine what? Through the extension of the store, my business I sink to the pure network reach, this not what is wrong, but just think I feel too shallow. Today, O2O is not only the ability of the Internet companies to use the entity, the arm extended to three or four cities, but a more profound change in China’s important. Real change China give not pure network, O2O. Not all talk about big consumption, big experience, but businesses are using this ability and technology.

we say that O2O is not for reconstruction and reconstruction, today we say that O2O should have a commercial value, there should be a greater business ideal, and this is what I think the essence of O2O.

O2O is a traditional enterprise upgrade whip

began to research and Study on influence of Internet companies from more than a decade ago, in fact, the Internet on traditional enterprise transformation, the initial transformation is in the dissemination and sharing, reputation first play an important in. Taobao, the birth of the big Jingdong, we found that a lot of commodity transactions can be completed directly on the Internet, the network has become a more efficient, more intelligent distribution channels. Many of the distribution of social circulation of goods can do better here, but only to do this step is the initial stage of the transformation of the Internet business, the real thing is to move the bones of the enterprise customer resources. I think O2O, is to do a good job in this era of customer relationship management. The foundation of O2O is not Online, no matter how we say the technology is on the Offline, as if it were raining flowers, rely on the store management, rely on the store team, rely on the ability to execute. Today, in fact