On the development of nternet advertising in the past 07 years

      according to the contact alliance, propaganda Yi advertising alliance is a relatively early brand advertising alliance, has been committed to the development of Internet advertising and sophisticated new operation mode and reputation in the past 6 years has been recognized by the people! Its good development can not be separated from the team’s core applications and market supply and demand survey! In the Chinese Internet network advertising media, publicity has been easy to maintain a leading technology and marketing concepts, and steadily develop the pioneer of China’s online advertising market. In today’s world of Internet advertising is growing every year, how to grasp the network advertising market share, this is all about the problem, we first look at the growth of online advertising data every year:
     . Japan: according to Japan’s Kyodo news report said that in 2011, the total amount of Japanese Internet advertising may in 2006 363 billion yen ($1 about 119 yen) doubled on the basis of growth to 755 billion 800 million yen. 5 years average growth rate of about 15.8%, of which, in 2007 will grow by 24.9%, after the growth rate decreased year by year, to 2011 was 9.6%. Dentsu research believes that in the Internet field, fixed advertising displayed on the web and e-mail is still in the future will be the main growth, the total amount of advertising in this area is expected in 2006 from 231 billion yen to 400 billion 900 million yen in 2011 growth. The same period of mobile advertising for mobile phones will grow 3 times, from an increase of 39 billion yen to 128 billion 400 million yen. Study of Dentsu Institute of research shows that in the next 5 years, according to different users search related advertising content and display will increase, the total amount of advertising will increase from 93 billion yen to 226 billion 500 million yen.
      2 Korea: in 2005, the total income of Korean online advertising market reached $690 million, an increase of 30.8% over the previous year. Survey report released by the Korean broadcasting advertising company 15, said the Internet advertising company after more optimistic about the development of online advertising, online advertising spending growth is expected this year, South Korea can reach 35% to 860 million U.S. dollars, the report said, in 2003 the total income of South Korea’s online advertising market for $390 million, then gradually expand. Analysts believe that, due to the convenience of online advertising directly to the special consumer groups, and can easily calculate the audience size, so the future of online advertising will play an important role in the media advertising market.
      3 United States: according to foreign media reports, the U.S. industry organization "Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Interactive, Advertising Bureau) on Wednesday released a report, 2006 U.S. Internet advertising market.