Taobao mall announced 11 double data transactions for 1 hours 439 million

news November 11th, official data showed Taobao mall, Alipay turnover of 439 million yuan in November 11th day of 1 hours, 96 businesses millions, of which JACK&JONES exceeded 10 million.

data show that just over a minute, there are 3 million 420 thousand users flocked to Taobao mall. November 11th zero 8 minutes Alipay Taobao mall turnover exceeded 100 million yuan, 21 minutes, 32 minutes to break 200 million super 300 million. After 1 hours, Taobao mall turnover directly jump to 439 million yuan.

Taobao mall shopping carnival, all involved in the business audience 50 percent off, while Taobao mall invested $30 million coupons. From the beginning of November 1st to grab red envelopes activities, 9 days more than 400 million people involved.

it is understood that the more than 2 thousand brands to participate in the activities of the Taobao mall, millions of pieces of merchandise, including clothing, shoes, sports, beauty, each package Home Furnishing textile, digital appliances and other vertical industries, including ochirly, JACK&JONES, BELLE, ONLY, Adidas, Disney, Motom, Bosideng, NOKIA, X.M.B, textiles, Dekor the cat, and many other popular brands and seven princess, puppy appliances, Royal mud square, Phoenix Amoy brand.

last year, Taobao mall double 11 shopping Carnival single day turnover of 936 million. In the past 1 hours, the record is expected to be renewed this year. (E)