China electricity supplier industry integrity community established in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Beijing, July 31 (reporter Zhao Xiaoyan) Alibaba group, announced the joint venture in Hangzhou, announced the establishment of a total of 8 enterprises in China, the electricity supplier integrity community of 31. It is understood that this is the first good faith community electricity supplier industry, the community aims to build a platform, resource integration, data sharing and other ways to promote the electricity supplier industry enterprises to strengthen the integrity of the compliance system construction, and jointly safeguard the integrity of the electricity supplier ecosystem environment.

in addition to Alibaba, another 8 members were launched hukill International (its Ochirly, FivePlus, TRENDIANO and other brands), Carolina textile, beauty, dream castle, starry, Shu Hua shares, Semir and Chinese gold group, are well-known domestic electricity business platform business.

member companies signed the Convention, made seven commitments, including a commitment to integrity management, fraud, refused to remove the internal corruption, establishing employees credit archives, collaborative anti fraud and protection of intellectual property rights, to protect customer data security.

According to

reports, the establishment of community business integrity Chinese, will promote the establishment of the electricity supplier industry honest business information exchange and sharing platform, regularly carry out exchanges and training, to improve members’ anti fraud mechanism and the level of compliance management.

it is reported that the future of China’s electricity supplier in the future will also attract more like-minded community electricity supplier companies to join, to maximize the purification of electricity supplier ecological environment.

June 18th, Alibaba, SF, Vanke, Fosun and other 10 companies announced jointly launched the "anti fraud China alliance" in Shanghai, build enterprise anti fraud experience exchange platform, jointly build a clean business environment.

Alibaba partners, Ali integrity department highest responsible person Jiang Fang said at the inaugural ceremony: "the Alibaba has been committed to build honest, transparent, open and fair business ecosystem, for many years in the management platform and the integrity of the building and accumulated a lot of experience, we are very willing to share these experiences to the electricity supplier industry partners, together more power to purify the electricity supplier ecosystem." (end)