Taobao CEEN zern guest promotion competition strong start million the highest prize

by CEEN zern brand to join the Admin5 station network organization "2011CEEN zern, world famous shoes Taobao customers to promote competition" (, has a strong start today! The industry event, the highest individual million yuan reward, Taobao customers can red


a Taobao off before the game to zern shoes to do a full range of understanding, have resorted to exhaust all the skills in the promotion, straight million prize! Activities for a period of two months (October 21st). From now until the end of the event, any team and individuals can sign up to participate in activities. Whether you love sales, creative love or love to share, here are the stage of your skills.

promotion zern products receive a commission, the Commission is 20%. Wonderful just on the road, immediately involved, side by side and zern Win with


highlights a lot of this contest, the winner will get an unprecedented multi harvest:

(1) $10000 maximum personal bonus! At the same time get the "gold Taobao guest" title!

this is a big stage for the much anticipated zern industry, in good faith, and this is just the starting point of cooperation between the two sides. Hurry up and you’ll get a chance!

(2) award diversification!

contest set the ultimate prize, monthly award, leap progress award, outstanding creative award, the share awards awards, whether you are in love, love or love to share the creative achievements, every skill you have will spotlight in the competition to be cast.

(3) Taobao can also be red!

this event scheduled activities full report + exclusive interview + player playful judge comments more excellent, you, the more professional judges will list! For Taobao customer in all aspects of the promotion process to make suggestions and comments, the number of outstanding persons mentioned more, like red hard.

more information, please enter the topic page to understand the details of the contest:; join the contest QQ group 42832577 interactive