Cross border electricity supplier supervision of the new deal in the first quarter of intensive bake

December 21, 2015, Shandong, Ji’nan, the import of electricity supplier products, mail is through customs officers and inspection and quarantine personnel inspection. Visual China figure

surging news reporter Fang gun gun

news to the surging news ( revealed that the fastest in the first quarter of 2016, the central ministries and commissions for cross-border electricity supplier a series of regulatory new deal, will be introduced.

this means that over the past few years, the regulatory standards for cross-border electricity supplier pilot cities between different issues will be resolved.

the past two years, the cross-border electricity supplier pilot in more spread around the city, the pilot measures of different regulatory standards are not unified. This led to the formation of a number of pilot cities artificially high policy.

Shanghai a cross-border electricity supplier practitioners as an example to surging news, before a city regulation of cosmetics, food less, some enterprises will take the cosmetics to other commodities in the name of customs clearance, commodity escape filing procedures basic does not say, also broke the tax evasion scandal, "because only 10% days a lot supplies the parcel tax rate, the tax rate is 50% and the cosmetics. Some enterprises even through the removal of single, even 10% of the tax rate has escaped."

regulatory authorities to give the green light, cosmetic electronic business platform, will naturally flow into the pilot city, because the interests of the middle too big." This cross-border electricity supplier practitioners say.

unified with the central ministries regulatory policies, such a practice will be banned.

in November last year, the State Quality Inspection Administration issued the "cross-border electronic commerce and commodity business entities filing management standards" has been clear, cross-border e-commerce sales in the commodity business enterprises for the first time on goods, goods shall provide the registration information to the inspection and quarantine agency.

this means that each class of cross-border electricity supplier goods are required to the regulatory authorities for the record. Like cosmetics of daily necessities on behalf of inspection, will no longer belong to the so-called Middle zone.

in addition, the customs will also issue a clear unified customs management practices to regulate the import of various modes of business.

"will have a positive guide. What mode can be done, how specific customs clearance, what mode can not do, will be clear." A cross-border electricity supplier senior researchers said surging news, on the list will be the full implementation of the tax to the tax.

and the postman channels come in commodities, will also be included in the regulation.

a cross-border supervision officials revealed to the surging news earlier in a north main port for a well-known international cross-border electronic business platform for the green light, part of the goods can carry passengers to direct mail entry clearance way, so basically bypassing the necessary clearance procedures, greatly reduce the probability of sampling.

this is an unfair competitive advantage for other ports.