Some personal humble opinion on VANCL

About, for a long time not concern about. In its heyday, VANCL shirt has almost become synonymous with online menswear. Unfortunately, after the peak, every guest is more and more deep into silence. The inventory problem before the listing is to make every guest get some "unable to get up after a fall.". Recently, the customer has completed a new round of one hundred million yuan financing, and began marketing learning millet mode in Lei Jun’s guidance, quite a lot of potential to regroup. Unfortunately, someone immediately said the author, where the customer is facing the seven-year itch, financing and marketing etc. the so-called action but is seeking to sell before self whitewash. The fact that in the end how we can make nothing of it, but where the example is undoubtedly in the electricity supplier to us sounded the alarm, any confusion and swing instability may lead to work not completed.

spent a night time, or browse the guest’s performance in recent years and evaluate some of the surrounding groove. In recent years, where the performance is poor, but also in bad mouthing evaluation. From the old perspective, whether it is financing or millet mode, are for the revival efforts. Where the customer has been harvested in the heyday of the brilliant, even in decline today, still have a certain market share as well as a group of loyal users, Renaissance is the most ideal idea, then bad, seeking to sell can also retain part of the value of customers. I’m afraid, this is the worst for the old heart.

we have a unique corporate culture, that is the reflection. As the leader of the old, will develop to every guest to make a profound reflection every year, then through the reflection to determine the direction of development of the guest and the steps. This is a good thing, reflection can let people learn from the lessons of the past, and the weaknesses of the play to their strengths. Unfortunately, although each vintage reflection seems to make snap at the beginning of the going in the right direction, but each time the end result is not frontsword, is not really implemented. But after each reflection, leading to the company’s executives leave.

to the original business men’s shirts Eslite, several shirts are able to hit a billion yuan in sales records. Then we gradually introduce more kinds of products, such as women’s and children’s clothing, footwear and so on, to dilute the value of their brand, and then later, where the customer in order to develop, at the introduction of other clothing brands, such as the well-known Amoy brand Han clothing etc.. From the beginning of every guest seems to become a vertical electric business platform. Unfortunately, things are not as old like it, the brand positioning is not accurate and uneven in quality not only weakened the customer’s own brand value, the customer lost the core value of development, and missed opportunities for market development.

recently, in the old after a new round of "reflection", and Lei Jun’s talk, do not know what is confused, unexpectedly also began to use millet hunger marketing mode. Guangzhou website odd billion network Xiaobian specially visited every guest website, indeed, home of the Banner map, the first two are just millet mode: 300 shirts.