Small nternet users have the right to win the CN domain name arbitration

expert: personal registration CN domain name is due civil rights

as individuals and enterprises in order to belong to a CN domain name arbitration wrestling, whether because of personal identity and eventually lost? I learned from an agency before the domain name dispute ended in victory, that practice for dispute resolution mechanism, individual CN domain name registration shall allow all doubt the legitimate rights.

it is reported that a passenger car manufacturing company in Tianjin recently filed a complaint to the agency, the requirements of the ordinary Internet users, Peng Wei registered domain name transferred to himself. After the expert panel ruling, and ultimately rejected its request, Peng Wei successfully saved his CN domain name.

, the chief expert of the case, said that in the practice of the current CN domain name dispute resolution procedures, the main identity of the disputed domain name registrant, generally does not affect the outcome of the dispute resolution. Whether the domain name holder is an individual or an organization, its rights and obligations in the domain name dispute resolution mechanism are equal, enjoy the equal right of defense, and its legitimate rights and interests are protected.

this is good news for individual registrants. Despite the blog, photo albums and other Internet users CN domain name applications are endless, but individual users are still worried about personal registration problems. Even CNNIC, can not just because it is a personal reason to delete your CN domain name registration." An industry believes that users do not have to worry about this. (commissioning editor admin01)