Half of the annual growth rate of 8 7% mobile phone buying lead the industry growth

China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC analyst Chen Jingjing

recently, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the thirty-sixth China Internet development statistics report. According to the report, as of June 2015, the size of our group of users to buy 176 million, an increase of more than 3 million 720 thousand people by the end of the year, the annual growth rate of 2.2%, the use of group buying site was 26.4%. Compared to the overall market to buy, buy more rapid development of mobile phones, mobile phone users to buy the scale reached 129 million, half year growth rate of 8.7%, the proportion of mobile phone use to buy the group is 21.7%.



: 2014.12-2015.6 group purchase group purchase / mobile phone user scale and the use rate of the past two years, low-cost group purchase pattern is not sustainable, "to the group purchase group purchase website" transition to seek survival and development, the specific performance:

buy companies from price driven to service driven transformation. Although the low price strategy group purchase model originally to stimulate fuzzy demand, attract new customers is obvious, but the low price strategy is difficult to maintain sustainable development, because it can not improve the merchant brand awareness and customer loyalty, it is difficult to obtain the expected return. In view of this, buy site by providing more convenient services to improve the user experience, enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. For example: fully respected free booking services, providing on-site orders – group Coupons – consumer instant service model, buy movie tickets can enjoy the online seat selection self-service terminal service.

by the construction of a large platform to buy the development of vertical business transformation. When the market structure of the group buying industry is more stable, it is difficult to quickly enhance the market share of the company, the purchase platform is no longer the pursuit of category expansion, but focus resources and energy to focus on strong business and potential business. The purpose is to rely on the platform to buy vertical business incubator, and then through the rise of vertical business platform to promote the development of the whole. Mission to the United States for example, the development of high consumption ticket business and takeaway ordering service, and launched a mobile client independent opal film. At the same time, the United States is also expanding tourism products group buying business.

buy site transformation of local life service platform providers to provide marketing services revenue. Buy site in the past rely on low-cost to attract customers, low margin, profit is minimal. The transformation of the local life service platform business, group purchase website profit pattern into a platform economy, namely ownership group purchase website has platform resources, the right to use the bulk copy leased to businesses, businesses use the platform resources and services to do group purchase business. In the case of Wo Wo Group, which has transformed and renamed Wowo mall, and provide various marketing services for merchants on the platform.