Four question 8 15 price war Jingdong and Suning ready for you

8.15 price war has been the past 10 days, now many products Jingdong and Suning official prices have increased to before the war, the price war seems to have disappeared. In the price war, many users refer to be deceived, because although Liu Qiangdong and Li Bin in micro-blog, you come to me, but when the two sides are clearly the real thing to do, some lack of confidence, and we clearly feel the price war is the Jingdong and Suning under the guise of marketing, is the ultimate goal of the scene the. To walk, each one takes what he needs, but also is such. So we ask, good price? In many aspects, Yiheng feel the two sides playing the price war is forced to re-establish confidence in the venture capital Jingdong, shaping Suning to solve the bottleneck of online sales and online brand. So the two sides in the price war really shows the phenomenon of weak approaching is good and easy to answer, constant also have their own views, and for the majority of the electricity supplier in the Chinese interested friends asked the Jingdong or Suning five problems.

asked Jingdong and Suning: price war is the only way out?

had to admit that the current electricity supplier in China’s development of the environment, the price war is the most effective way to gather business in a short period of time to promote the popularity of people, no one. But this means that all the electricity supplier companies will enter China time the price war as a routine tactical analysis? Half of the electricity supplier giants show in 2012, we are not only a cold sweat, as if the price war from the beginning of the year has not stopped, the Spring Festival Promotion, the 5.1 wave of price cuts, the 6.18 anniversary of the Jingdong shopping 8.15, Suning and Beijing east the ultimate PK, so count down, a half down the major manufacturers in the price war no less than 6 times, and these businesses bring real benefits? I think the actual effect of the price war is not as good, take 8.15 of the price war, Jingdong the performance of growth is not as we expected, only in Shenzhen since the lift, the courier delivery frequency obviously and daily, there are two reasons for this phenomenon, one is the price war really suck, Not too many heavyweight goods, the second is for understanding the consumer price war tends to be calm, for brand awareness is clearly more mature, from these two aspects, the price war is no longer the manufacturer brand publicity, a necessary means to improve the performance, but only a kind of business form, to know the brand established on high the quality of products rather than low price, and the Jingdong for many years did not make money, so the price war is the way of enterprise


two asked Suning: online and offline can unify it?

had a lot of industry commentators think the price war, Suning is not only in order to create a strong online brand, suppress the Jingdong, is seeking a new business model. The complete online mall can meet the user experience requirements, and online orders, store experience, can give consumers a completely different feeling; more importantly, physical stores can also be leveraging more.