ndia grocery electricity supplier BigBasket 50 million to seize the market

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Internet retail market in India, Goldman Sachs predicts that by 2030, the Internet retail market in India will be 15 times the value of $300 billion, up to the magnitude of. The rapid development of the retail industry, grocery sales have become the forefront of the industry’s dominant position. According to the India Brand Equity Fund (IMEF) statistics, in 2013 India’s $490 billion in retail sales, retail sales accounted for 69%.

in April of this year, India’s largest retail electricity supplier Flipkar announced the sale of groceries, the original players in the field of groceries, as well as BigBasket, ZopNow, Local Baniya, etc.. In addition, with the opening of the India market is becoming increasingly strong, Amazon and other international giants also want to share a cup of soup.

to emerge in the warlords dispute war, recently India version of "shop" BigBasket announced $50 million in a new round of financing, by Bessemer Venture lead investor, this round of financing is the main user to expand the BigBasket coverage area, and improve the logistics system, after this round of financing, BigBasket valuation is expected to reach 100 million dollars. It is reported that, BigBasket has been preparing for the next round, plans to raise $150 million.

BigBasket was founded in 2011, is India’s largest grocery electricity supplier. Currently serving 8 major cities in India, the new city Kolkata and Ahmedabad services are also in progress. In July this year, BigBasket announced that it will build its own warehouses in several major cities and 50 towns in India. Founder Hari Menon said, to build a new warehouse is to expand the business model, but also can deal with a small number of emergency orders, shorten the logistics time.

due to the distribution of India’s physical grocery store is very fragmented, mainly to individual stores, and BigBasket compared to a number of small local electricity supplier can provide more rapid logistics services. BigBasket now provides four day delivery time period for the user to choose, to compete for tourists, they plan to buy a small business called Delyvr, so that BigBasket can use its distribution system, ensure the delivery within one hour in 40 communities in Bangalore.

and other competing goods and entities in the form of different forms of cooperation, BigBasket choose self storage system. This "heavy" model to ensure the company’s control of the product, but also to provide users with a more diversified product selection. The effect is obvious, I found that many users in the Quora is not in a hurry, more willing to choose the quality of BigBasket services. But on the other hand, >