Ali engage around electricity supplier and the media to produce a chemical reaction

news March 1st, according billion state power network understanding, held today in the 2016 Tmall global business conference, Alibaba group CEO happy child once again stressed the "three system": members pass, pass, pass, goods service through this system for businesses in all channels to achieve empowerment, development. In addition, the child also made a new bright spot, left and right".

members can help businesses get through all kinds of user data; make merchandise specifically for online models to history, inventory management of all channels; service allows users to buy goods after do not have to worry about whether the lack of Follow-Up Services.

"right and left" is a new closed loop based on "three links system". Introduction of free and unfettered, Ali mother has now completed the business closed loop, consumers will not only be captured by Ali Department of electronic business platform, but also the major media platform is to track the user’s premises and tools. The so-called right and left is the electricity supplier and the media to get through, as we all know that the acquisition of Alibaba group Youku, Sina, micro-blog and other media, the formation of media matrix." Explanation of xiaoyao.

happy child stressed that the key to Tmall Ali platform and open media is interactive, and help the media brand to establish a connection, through user data, the users in different sites between ID open, all information users open rather than shopping information. "Let the business platform and the media form of chemical reaction, then we will start the" SkyTeam plan "."

According to

2016, billion state power network to understand, Tmall will "tmall-inside" (brand grow plan) upgraded to "TRW plans" — when the merchants in the media joint advertising, Tmall will provide strategic cooperation businesses to provide effective resources to provide protection in the acquisition of user, interactive fans, digital marketing, service guarantee let the business can, at the right time, to the scene, to communicate with the target consumer groups of content. Tmall said, according to big data show that in the acquisition of new customers and fans above, people who have seen ads than people who have not seen the ad, the conversion rate will increase by 50%.

Alibaba to create media matrix, including social media, video sites, mobile search, home entertainment and other text, sound, video full channel media. Ali Group official said that Ali has been created on the UC, star headlines and god horse search and other star products, covering more than 630 million people, can reach up to 98% of Internet users.

to achieve the right and left, in addition to the establishment of the media matrix, Ali also through the community, the content of the way, in the face of the formation of user content dissemination. Explanation: "this form of communication will give users a surprise, so that users from the brand interested in becoming interested in the content, interested in people. Such consumer behavior is no longer a simple purpose of buying."