From 0 to 3 million 870 thousand fans Hocking taught you how to master the universe

May 13th, micro-blog opened Chinese to Professor Hocking a month issued advertisements, this day China

social media exploded!

in April 12, 2016 when the famous physicist professor Hocking opened a micro-blog in Sina micro-blog, the first and China friends say hello, our social networking platform to WeChat from micro-blog brush circle of friends, yes, Hocking, he spent a month, from 0 to 3 million 870 thousand fans, just 6 micro-blog this is a miracle,



professor Hocking issued the first micro-blog in April 12th, 400 thousand forwarding, the 410 thousand comments, like the 970 thousand point, which is definitely the top network red.


all micro-blog are English and Chinese versions, until May 13th released a Jaguar ad micro-blog, began to detonate China’s social platform.


as of now 20 thousand forwarding, 15 thousand comments, like the 60 thousand points.


the God comments "this advertising play I have to dress" and "my day, this advertisement I actually speechless", "Wow!! the first ads look so serious!!", "most other actors called world-class actor, you can call the winner!!", "Professor and you do not general advertising"……

video is what kind of




professor Hocking became an actor, and he also expressed the joy of being an actor on Facebook.

you know me — Professor Hocking is a physicist who studies time and space.

the other side of me you may not know: as an actor Stephen · hawking.

I have always wanted to play the villain in the movie the British gentleman.

thanks to Jaguar, my wish came true. After May 13th, the various reports and bet after come in a throng, Professor Hocking will not be micro-blog, because people to China opened micro-blog is to promote the advertisement. What do you think,

?From 0 to 3 million 870 thousand

Hocking Professor fan speed, to a villain in the red net, Professor Hocking made a comment on a variety of advertising attracted netizens, still very happy.


this "premeditated", after the "conspiracy theory body" analysis about it:

first, first powder, and then ad

Hocking to China to open micro-blog, "visibility + industry media" report >