Three years experience in marketing

begins with the description, this is my three years to do a summary of the forum it, based on the cross stitch City, the experience is absolutely practical. This article is a continue to adhere to the spirit of sharing, and encourage one another; on the other hand is to increase the external links, in the hope that we reprint this article, do not delete the link to the site, to be honest.

think of where to say.

, a correct view of the soft reproduced

often listen to you say soft Wen, in the eyes of many people, a practical article, as long as the addition of a web site links, is a soft article. In the time to reprint the article I have to delete the link address. Afraid of the traffic flow to the station. We imagine that I do cross stitch forum, I’m writing this forum operation, your site is probably a A5 and the same station, turn in the article, what do you have to worry about, how many webmaster will care about cross stitch, cross stitch embroidered. I stand called cross stitch is concerned about Cross Stitch an industry forum, do not worry about your station will be injected into the flow of my station.

two, GOOGLE ad click rate problem.

used to hear that forums are not suitable for GG. First of all, GG click rate control in how much right? I’m not sure, I just know not to cheat on the line. But in the webmaster circle is a popular argument is that the click rate is controlled within 3%. My forum advertising is very little, before the click rate is 1.5%. This index should be considered more appropriate, so I feel that the forum is not suitable for GG, this statement is not correct. In addition, I am in the description of the site to have traffic, when the flow is very small, most of the site GG ads are displayed public service ads. When there is a little bit of traffic, although the beginning of the normal display of non public service ads, but the click rate is low, so the conversion rate is low. So, do as far as possible to keep the content, improve PV.

three, links and PR

this link is very important. I can also look at the cross stitch, updated every day, in front of PR3, now 2. Maybe GG’s algorithm. However, I always keep the update constantly, always have the original content. I summarize on the analysis of some of the station, Links, or not, to try to find the same station, the PR value of high standing. Indeed, what have I not feel the PR value of ten. Only when you stand, the PR value is more than 4, at the time of the sale, this is a very good.

four, forum spam disposal

each spam will have a IP yes, we start from this. Look at these two IP, 222.80.52.* and 222.80.51.*, the two IP is actually the same place, the two computers. That is, in this area, if I >