How to improve the ranking of search engine

now improve search engine rankings is many new Adsense most urgent concern, also have a lot of friends through my blog to find me, and I hope to discuss common exchanges, I hope I can help you through own a little experience, ranked as soon as possible. You can also refer to the blog on how to be included in the search engine as soon as possible.

so how did I do that when I submitted my blog to Baidu for the first time in two days,

?In fact, Baidu

is not so special about interests, not to say that you have to pay money to rank well, we do a lot of new sites don’t have so much money to him, in fact, everyone knows whether it is Google or Baidu, and the chain is important, why the chain is so important is because if you? The link appears in many websites, especially in the high quality of the site, will think your site quality is high, you are the authority, it will certainly improve your ranking.

we know that exchange Links is very good, but you know only and high quality website exchange Links is really useful, but we are the new sites just established, unless it is a friend, or buy, or someone else is not willing to exchange and new links, so I’m here this paper introduces a method of.

we can post to some large web sites, or similar to our website content.

do not think this is the old knowledge, in fact, this is a very good way. I often contribute at A5, one can share a little experience, but also can improve their outside chain. An article, "I used to write a sophomore Wangzhuan experience" click one thousand times, and I searched, by many websites, virtually increased many of the chain, I also published in some other sites, these sites are very pr the website search engine is on, so in general it published, the search engine will be updated immediately. And soon you’ll be able to search the search engine.

do not think they do not understand, do not dare to send. In fact, you can send a little experience and ideas of their own, no friends stand for such a long time, more or less there will be a lot of feelings and thoughts, the technician can also explore and communicate more, construction on their website is very helpful.

every day as long as more than an hour to write out the original content, whether for you or for your website construction is helpful. Welcome to discuss with me.

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