A Tao portal forum soft Wen promotion strategy

recently responsible for brand promotion work forum soft, soft target channel is mainly the first forum of course portal forum is preferred, because portal forum visits, exposure is very large, especially for the company’s brand, product or brand promotion of soft paper,

concrete steps under the operation on the interview

1: keep the number, before you post, we must first raise 10-20 forum account, registered over these accounts after turn on these accounts, the accumulation of post number, online time, so that each account to post, reply, modify the post permissions, focusing on the training of 1-3 post main number on the account. Is the main post after the account. Other account to reply against.

2: soft writing, writing is a learning, best to let the company planning department or the Internet writer out of the manuscript, the soft the best with the current hot topics related to this brand exposure, of course the story original post is also a good choice. Soft advertising in the portal for the promotion of the forum to do is very strict requirements, a successful soft text standard is to let 10 people to see, the 8 people can not see the advertising.

3: forum selection: be sure to choose more comprehensive edition piece to send fire, fit, regardless of the soft practice shows that the post on the hot plate, even if the hair soft, over a period of time is K, than in the popular sectors are not better than the effect of K on. Another advantage of the hot plate is reproduced a great possibility.

4: Post -: free brand strategy: keyword text, forum will not delete posts, then in a certain amount of browse, modify the advertorial content so that it contains the corresponding brand keywords, through the practice of this approach is good, the post has been deleted the probability at about 50%.

5: strategy two: Post published excluding brand keywords soft, then use a small reply, in the replies into brand keywords, through the observation that the probability of the later replies delete more small, of course, are less exposure, brand keywords must reply to display on the first page, if done in turn over, but also reach the purpose of brand promotion.

6: post contains three: Post strategy brand promotion Keywords, you’ll quickly let the small reply, the message quickly seems to be very popular, so even if the administrator to see the suspected of advertising, not reckless delete, because people pay attention to the post. This post strategy effect is good, recommend the use of some of the major network marketing companies are also using this means to operate.

7: tracking: soft finish must be tracking what post delete, which posts are not deleted, which posts flow, which views, statistics of scientific data, after the post.

8: the last to remind you, do not say to products, brands, with a web site, this post must be K, send more is useless, but.