Analysis of the pros and cons of the forum to promote the pros and cons

new site recently revised on the line, because the site is very few, a few key words in Baidu ranking in two hundred place, need a wide range of promotion. According to the chain for the emperor’s policy, I began to send a large area outside the chain.

in the major local forums, there are posts, because it is a batch, the content is the same. This is not the best, according to the master say, at least have to change the title, do false original things. But the growth rate of the chain Baidu amazing! No nonsense, the figure


can be clearly seen from the figure from the beginning of the 23, the chain increased speed amazing, every day there are 100 posts out of the chain, and even more than 100. Hair posts are linked with keywords. Keywords "spire" rushed to Baidu first. Effect is still very good. But the weekend stopped for two days, come back to check on Monday, the key word has not been affected. God horse situation?…

had seen a sudden increase in the chain or increase too fast is very dangerous, but as long as the control of the degree, I think should be able to do. It seems that the chain is very important step by step.

from the above we can also find that, although the chain has increased, but Alex ranking instead, but also included in the reduction, it seems that the forum really have to grasp the degree of promotion.

the original spire ( by A5 network first, please keep the link that is the source of A5.