How to develop and promote the regional portal

How to

the local portal development?
A, rely on advertising to profit, this is absolutely the right direction.
two, its "local" and "regional" advantage, "an industry area", "portal" advantage, can form a chain.
three, make your influence, increase website publicity exposure, bring huge traffic at the same time, looking for business advertising information.
four, looking for complementary partners, if applicable, beneficial, for career development cooperation;   cooperation are very difficult, if you feel trouble, as they do.
five, if you want to keep the website development, find some income, personal feel or want to carry out the traditional business website construction. Site construction in the county now has a relatively large market, but also relatively large profit space. Some ideas about local regional portal website

1  domain name the best and the site location, site beautification, clear layout, decent, let a person look comfortable.
2  search engine optimization, such as the search for "Beijing", will be able to find your site on the first page.
3  and local government portal administrator coordination, coupled with friendship connection.
4  and the local computer company contact, you can help them to do publicity on the site, they put your website icon on the desktop in the installed, or add to favorites, set home, but it is best to have the navigation content.
5  and the local Internet cafe cooperation, you can help them to their propaganda, the Internet computer home page set to your website.
6  cooperate with local telecom or Netcom, installation personnel of some benefit for their broadband, broadband is to let them in your website homepage. If your local br />7  print advertising media, can do a little advertising on them, and they engage in cooperation or what.
8  there must be some very clever method, you can move the brain to think more.
9  the most critical thing is to do a good job, do some local netizens concerned about, like the content.

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