Enterprise network marketing to understand the nuggets from the data

in the network tide, many companies have launched their website construction, network marketing strategy, especially some e-commerce companies, many may have such a feeling, after the layout of website marketing platform of their own, more forward, feel more confused, do not know where in the future profit point. That is, the bigger the more often the more psychological panic. Why didn’t the bottom? I guess right: it is often feel not like enterprise network entity, feel no ability to control, because predictive control feel not small, okay, a little scale, to a large extent there are too many uncertain factors. Here, the author believes that the enterprise network marketing, we must know how to analyze the data from the market, so that their decisions based on reliable information and data, from the vast network through data analysis to find gold.

web site data mining

in the construction of their own website is completed, the company’s network marketing to understand the first from their own website, to find useful information, in-depth analysis of the relevant data. For example, your web traffic come from? Is come from the search engines or from other forum links into, or which platform advertising? Visitors visit the page, the page is the most visited site traffic and their conversion rate how much? Those who sell things most of the fire, and then analyze why these things other than to sell fire. We access the data from these sites and transactions, to explore the useful information on their own website operations, provide strong data support for their company’s decision. So, we find the data, but also the accurate analysis of the data, draw accurate conclusions.

website external data mining

this is a bit like market research, but the network marketing, we can use a variety of ways to collect data, such as information of their customers telephone interviews, analysis, and evaluation of website customer message, or to investigate professional consulting company please, or buy some of their research data, of course, is to find the authority the mechanism of the. Of course, most easy to do and is the most reliable data obtained by some correct methods, such as your company’s telephone and message can be pre evaluation, a detailed list of items ready to visit, detailed understanding of customer status, and through the key word filtering method, to obtain accurate marketing and operations, and timely take corresponding measures.

analysis of fishbone schema

we get first-hand data from these data to obtain useful information, often the site’s data will involve all aspects, we have to learn to sort out the information and conclusions. We can use the fishbone diagram of all these information and solutions to string together, let the data information at a glance for the decision-making service company. We comb out the most critical points of their own network marketing, and then from the following to the leaf of the problem analysis