Student not too soft soft soft Wen promotion

: "the scholar website how to find high quality Links" mentioned in the scholar, the next article will be: "Scholar: the promotion of soft paper, soft, not too soft", mainly considering too much hair soft, just to increase the chain to yourself, no value. This can not help but look at the reader to see your soft. For the student to bring you each passage is pure original, have value. Is today to write this article, because I was a careful not to write all the original stored in the computer desktop, before publication, a careful not to delete all, depressed me crazy, only to re write.

soft Wen promotion, first of all we have to understand, to other sites to promote their website, what kind of.

a, Juhara Fumiaki.

this kind of person, always admire the scholar. What is the original, nothing more than to do their own station experience, feelings, experience written out to share with everyone. And this kind of article is often valuable, embodied in, because everyone has a different experience, everyone has different ideas on the website. Can write their own experience, whether you do get through what way or what, because of what is what is lost, can give people bring this understanding, you can avoid detours, and avoid the wrong way.

in other words, these people don’t need to say recovery should be good, but must have real feelings, be willing to share experience of the spirit.

two, pseudo original.

circulated on the Internet, the Internet has nine copies of the ten, which is understandable. But I do not know how a little disgusted with the practice of many people pseudo original, for example, I saw an article on someone’s website today, in addition to the title changed, the article copyright information deleted, the other is what I wrote. Perhaps this is not too hard, the more disgusting is, on another site, also see I write an article, the title did not change, the copyright information is not deleted, but he actually put copyright information on the "IT College Station" to his website, IT College Station link change into his link, and finally to retain I wrote that "welcome to reprint, please retain this information". Look straight maddening.

pseudo original practice, a lot of people are very interested, but one thing is that at least respect for the original, respect for the original author, which is a character problem. You can take the original place to correct the mistakes of others, but not to tamper with, projecting others on their name, this is a matter of principle.

three, reprint.

compared to pseudo original, I am more willing to see reproduced, at least to see other people’s real ideas, rather than to change to piece together the appearance of the article. So, if you see a good article sb in stationmaster net and other places, at the bottom of the information by certain websites and to share with you, but I feel very good, after all, can be reproduced and share, is definitely a good article, it is worth learning. >