Website promotion before three suggestions

for the novice, the promotion of the site is to be done after the station is also more difficult point. It is practical for a period of time, but always feel that there is a certain difficulty, always seems to be something to stop, then we should break through the bottleneck, so as to truly do handy. Finally, where is the breakthrough point, then the author put forward some views on this topic, we can refer to.

first, relax mentality

in the promotion process we should do to keep optimistic attitude. The author of the article in front of you have always told everyone in the station must maintain a normal state of mind. But do not promote the same, we must remain optimistic. The correct understanding of the importance of promotion, rational choice for you to promote the method, the method can be used to make you get twice the result with half the effort.

two, persistent

you may have tired of the word "unremittingly, you may have already understood the meaning of the word, so you do? You really do insist every day to promote a website for your promotion methods? I believe that many people do not. Why is it? Because you’re bored. But if you are interested in something, I believe you can do it well without being pushed. So we have to develop their own interest, so that they like it. What about how to develop your own interests, is different.

three, share

when do we hard thing, you should share with you. "Sharing is happy" this sentence, I believe that many webmasters have agreed that this is a result of their own hard work to get a positive. But we learn these very hard, why so easily share out? This is not equivalent to our precious experience to give? You may be a bit selfish Oh, please don’t scold me, if you really want to scold, then you are really a bit selfish.


said, all paoti, back to the point. In fact, we don’t think so, share the experience is not only a dedication to others, but also on their own a summary of experience. You think about your experience in the form of words, like notes, we can browse at any time. And in the process of communication with others, but also invisible to improve your knowledge. In the process of writing, you have also deepened the impression of known knowledge. And so on their own encountered such problems, you can easily solve, perhaps in the comments of others to give you the article can also get some alternative and quick solution to the problem oh.

so we have to learn the promotion of the site, we must first study the author proposed three suggestions: relax mentality, perseverance, sharing experience. Are you ready for this,


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