Owners do not be easy to trust marketing lost his eyes

can edit today and A5 webmaster network chat, an article on the topic is written: easy letter, it is only a "baby" some webmasters are going to hurt it. The main exchange is easy letter marketing this thing, easy to believe in the marketing of it?.

speaking of the Internet, more and more friends talk about network marketing, network marketing is a good word, a lot of friends look very is too profound to be understood. There are also some network marketing practitioners summed up Sanershi kind of network marketing way, for most beginners to see these contents have been confused and disoriented, at this time the WeChat marketing boarded the stage of history. WeChat can marketing it?. However, easy to believe just launched a few days, on the network throughout easecredit marketing tutorial, even shouting easecredit will be a blow to WeChat, this is really


: a thin dead camel is bigger than a horse, and the camel is alive.

Internet is indeed a big market, the market has also appeared in some large Internet Co. Like Baidu, do search up. There are also some companies to start a subsequent search, Sogou, search, Youdao, what is really made up of several search. Although the 360 also started the search, but most of its traffic from the browser and navigation, how much competition for some of the owners said that the 360 will be a threat to the status of Baidu, the guardian just smiled. Similarly, the letter has just started, it can affect the WeChat webmaster clamor, if really so simple, WeChat was killed, still waiting for easy letter


two: Adsense don’t be easy camp lost his eyes.

whenever there is a new thing, there will naturally be some additional features, it may be owned by itself, it may be imposed on the. Micro-blog came out after this is the case, WeChat came out the same, marketing class immediately on the overwhelming. The letter is not easy to launch, according to informed sources, easy to believe that the marketing tutorial is to change the WeChat marketing tutorials, and even no changes to the user. In this guardian can understand the mentality of everyone, we hope to understand more than one marketing road. However, for the webmaster, do not blindly conformity. Blindly follow the trend will not achieve good results, always just follow the footsteps of others, will not go beyond.

three: dozens of network marketing, can understand.

just said some Guardian network marketing practitioners, summarizes the network marketing Sanershi ways, however, how many people are actually doing? Most people understand the 35, master one or two made no small achievement can in their own industry, for example, has focused on micro-blog, have focused on the forum, has focused on the blog the. For WeChat marketing is not mature, so why do we blindly to operate, for easy letter, just started to talk about marketing, so why should we waste their time?