Too much emphasis on creativity is the reason you write bad

"what do consumers care about in this era?" I mentioned, the speed, expression and impression we care about in this era. What we have become to pay more attention to personal interests mentioned copy, than those seemingly incomprehensible but creative business objectives, and guide the direction of the statement is not catchy.

is now communicating with consumers has changed the way people get along with people are changing.

copywriter is a tool to communicate with consumers, but many of the writer’s way of thinking is still left ten or twenty years ago.

in the past, the communication between people is very far away, the way of communication, to meet the phone, or write.

some people can’t see each other every day, see last week, just want to say this week the size of things.

phone will not play every day, always accumulate a good time, then a call to say a simple.

as for writing a letter, do not say, unless the other person has any communication difficulties, or want to show a feeling, will be in the form of letters, sent to the other side 35 days after.


but now, if you eat a good thing, you’ll be able to send it to each other and say it’s really delicious!


you encounter a failure, immediately send voice or shoot a few photos, no friends over there, you can receive them.

you encounter what is news, either to the group of friends, or simply thrown into the circle of friends online or a phone card, tell the world, I have come to bless me.

I think the future even the wedding feast could wear VR, direct money past good gifts.

so that people with the distance away from the fact that it is a wide range of relationships, and we can choose their favorite distance to get along with people.

don’t have to stick around in a small circle for the rest of your life.

this is a change in the way of communication, with the impact of the entire business model changes.


In the past

copy should be written or creative enough to brainwash people into a song or rhyme on catchy, because of the high cost of communication, and memory to deep enough, can facilitate the consumers to store them, tell your brand.

if it is written too often, it will be considered to have no feeling or originality.

therefore every copy in the brains and the brains are not in the interests of consumers but changes in thinking, word games, or to use a more creative way to show the characteristics of advertising, to attract the audience’s attention and curiosity.

creative in the past is a very important way to attract attention, in a single pipeline, spread into