How to do marketing enterprise website

traditional network company for small and medium enterprises to create a lot of useless or not see the website. The reason is that they do not stand in the marketing point of view to make the enterprise website, resulting in the production of the site is not a marketing type website, that is not able to bring business directly to the enterprise.

so how to create a marketing enterprise website


answer: stand in the perspective of potential users, from the marketing point of view to make.

specifically how to operate it?

a, negative

a lot of things are not people do not know what to do, but do not know what not to do. If we know what we shouldn’t do, it will be good for us to do what we should do.

1, do not let the leadership of a person to say. Because leaders may not understand the Internet economy;

2, do not let the traditional network company production;

3, don’t let only understand art, or only know the technology to do;

4, do not let people do not understand the network marketing to do.

two, positive

1, only the leaders to participate in the discussion of product and service keyword strategy, other less involved;

2, so that a new understanding of the SEO network company, it is best to have a successful example, but this example does not mean that a few traditional sites;

3, to understand the SEO and network marketing planning, technology and art of integrated talent to do;

4, let the network marketing people to do.

why do you choose this kind of person to do it? This is determined by the characteristics of the marketing enterprise website.

What are the characteristics of

marketing enterprise website?

marketing type enterprise website: is completely from the perspective of marketing network construction, through Internet technology, the company’s products, services and information, the form of web pages to search engine submission, and gradually get good keywords ranking virtual e-commerce platform in the search engine.

marketing enterprise website features are as follows:

1, the site’s marketing from the point of view of the network marketing, in the search engine has a lot of collection and good rankings;

2, the technical site because of the marketing of this kind of marketing is completely from the perspective of technology and marketing knowledge developed, therefore, it has a strong technical marketing;

3, the purpose of the enterprise website is designed to sell, not just to show;

4, the site’s performance may include web pages, IM tools, online customer service system, network marketing analysis system and customer tracking system.

obviously, this kind of marketing enterprise website and traditional web site, it has incomparable